Taking Faith

Therese Rohrbeck ’08

While in Guatemala this winter, Therese Rohrbeck touched what remains of The Dream of Pope Gregory IX.Continue Reading »

The Slugfest, in Historical Perspective

Kenneth Mack

Some say the Clinton-Obama fight reflects a historical tension between blacks and women in the struggle for equality. A legal historian says the truth is not so simple—and far more interesting.

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War Crimes Through the Looking Glass

Alex Whiting and students

This January, when the trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor resumed in The Hague, much of the world was watching. So were 11 Harvard Law students—from about 20 feet away.Continue Reading »

Greiner trains litigators to get the most from number crunchers


Jim Greiner, an HLS assistant professor of law, created a unique course as a joint endeavor between HLS and the Harvard statistics department, where Greiner, who holds a Ph.D. in statistics, is an affiliate. The 13 law students will be taking and defending two depositions each, one involving a political redistricting hypothetical and the other involving an employment discrimination case.

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Elena Kagan

The past five years have brought remarkable growth and change to Harvard Law School. Here, the Bulletin takes a time-out for a brief recap and puts five questions to Dean Elena Kagan ’86.Continue Reading »

Hearsay: Faculty Short Takes Summer 2008


The Laws in Wartime Professor Jack Goldsmith Slate Magazine, April 2 “We are surprisingly close to putting policy issues in the war on terrorism on a sound legal footing appropriate for the long term. The most important issue for the next administration to resolve is the system for incapacitating terrorists. Beyond that, what the next […]Continue Reading »