Hearsay: Short takes from faculty op-eds Summer 2010


A Measure of History Professor Kenneth W. Mack ’91 The Boston Globe March 25, 2010 “In recent weeks, the Obama administration … sought to mobilize supporters around the country, after months in which that kind of improvisational, decentralized energy seemed more in possession of the opponents of social reform legislation than of its supporters. “To […]Continue Reading »

Beyond the Case Method


Harvard Law School’s Problem Solving Workshop gives every 1L an early look at what lawyers really do

Continue Reading »

How Judges Decide


When judges rule on cases involving issues such as contracts, property rights, antitrust or taxes, they are not just making legal decisions. They are making economic policy.Continue Reading »

A Tax—Not an Attack—on Families


In recent years, political discourse has often focused on the idea of family values. Another contentious political issue has been the inheritance tax. The two topics commingle in a recent paper by Anne Alstott, in which she considers whether the inheritance tax is compatible with family values.Continue Reading »

Three Journeys, One Dream


LL.M. students recall their work in Afghanistan and share their hopes for the nation’s future.Continue Reading »

Enforcing Domestic Human Rights


From filing an emergency guardianship petition in probate court ensuring that the children of a dying mother are raised by the person she chooses, to appealing the denial of a disability claim in federal court for a critically ill client, the Harvard Law School Health Law and Policy Clinic prides itself on taking the toughest cases and working to shape policy to protect some of society’s most vulnerable people.Continue Reading »

Are You an Online Journalist in Legal Peril?


An online investigative journalist, working on a shoestring budget, is sued for libel. Where can he turn for legal help?Continue Reading »