Faculty Sampler: Short takes from recent op-eds

  “How to Deregulate Cities and States” Professor Cass R. Sunstein ’78 and Harvard economics Professor Edward Glaeser The Wall Street Journal Aug. 24, 2014 “In 2011 the Obama administration, with bipartisan support, called for an ambitious process through which federal agencies would periodically evaluate existing rules, eliminating or streamlining them when cost-benefit analysis suggested that elimination […]

Program on International Financial Systems hosts 16th annual Japan Symposium

Harvard Law School’s Program on International Financial Systems hosted the 16th Annual Symposium on Building the Financial System of the Twenty-first Century: An Agenda for Japan and the United States. The two-day event, held Oct. 25-27 at the Weill Center in Armonk, N.Y, was co-hosted by the International House of Japan (IHouse). The symposium gathered […]

Hearsay: Short takes from faculty op-eds on business and finance

“The Compensation Game”
Professor Lucian Bebchuk LL.M. ’80 S.J.D. ’84 and Rakesh Khurana, professor at Harvard Business School
Forbes India
April 8, 2013

“Reports about the high pay of star athletes are often greeted with awe and approval rather than outrage. The rise of executive pay, its defenders claim, is no more problematic than the fact that, say, Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez is paid much more than earlier stars like Ted Williams.