Running a Federal Agency: A Conversation with Julius Genachowski and Jonathan Zittrain

Harvard Law School Professor Jonathan Zittrain ’95 sat down for a conversation with Julius Genachowski ’91, former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and partner and managing director of The Carlyle Group, in April. In a wide-ranging discussion, Genachowski, who recently served as inaugural holder of the Steven and Maureen Klinsky Professorship of Practice for Leadership […]

Former FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski ’91 will teach Fall Semester course at Harvard as Klinsky Professor of Practice for Leadership and Progress

Julius Genachowski ’91, who served as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission from 2009 until May of this year, will teach a course to students from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School in the fall semester. The course, ‘Running a Federal Agency: Lessons from Business, Technology and Game Theory,’ will be offered jointly by the two schools.

Julius Genachowski ’91 to head FCC

Julius Genachowski ’91 will be nominated to head the Federal Communications Commission, according to reports in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. If confirmed, he will take over the FCC’s work of regulating communications in the U.S.