Editor and Counsel: A conversation with David Shribman and Fritz Byers ’81


In early November, David Shribman, the executive editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, sat down with his attorney, Fritz Byers ’81, before an audience at Harvard Law School, to discuss the relationships between journalists and their attorneys as they work together to tell interesting stories, publish the truth, provide a check on government and avoid liability. […]

Jessica Beess und Chrostin ’13 wins ABA writing award

Jessica Beess und Chrostin ’13

Recent Harvard Law School Graduate Jessica Beess und Chrostin ’13 won a major law student writing competition with her paper, “Mandatory Arbitration Clauses in Donative Instruments: A Taxonomy of Disputes and Type-Differentiated Analysis.” The contest was sponsored by the Real Property, Trust and Estate Law section of the American Bar Association.

Immigration Specialist Margaret Stock ’92 receives MacArthur Genius Award

Margaret Stock ’92

Harvard Law School alum Margaret Stock ’92 is one of 24 recipients of the 2013 MacArthur Fellowship, more commonly known as the MacArthur “Genius Award”. Stock is an immigration attorney with a focus on improving the immigration system through direct representation, policy-based advocacy and an emphasis on the idea that immigration does not threaten national security.

Harvard celebrates 60 years of women at the law school


Harvard Law School will host more than 600 alumnae this weekend as part of “Celebration 60,” a reunion event to mark the 60th anniversary of the first women graduates of Harvard Law School. The three-day event, which will be held Sept. 27 to 29 on the law school campus, is part of a worldwide women’s leadership summit of Harvard Law School alumnae, titled “Leaders for Change—Women Transforming our Communities and the World.”

Robert Bell ’69: From Sit-in to Sitting Judge

Robert Bell ’69

Not many judges have served on every court in their home state. And not many have been on the bench for nearly 40 years. But Harvard Law School alum Robert Bell ’69 has an even more unusual distinction: He serves on a court that at one time ruled against him.

Lounging with the Law Review

Editorial Board of Volume 51 of the Harvard Law Review

The Harvard Law School Library Blog, “Et Seq.,” frequently publishes historical documents and images from the law school’s archives. For a recent post, they showcased a historical image of the editorial board of Volume 51 of the Harvard Law Review celebrating a successful year outside of Austin Hall.

HLS Authors: Selected Alumni Books


“The Morphine Dream,” by Donald L. Brown ’89, with Gary S. Chafetz (Bettie Youngs Books). The title of this memoir is literal—and relates to Harvard Law School. While on morphine, recovering from an operation meant to restore his ability to walk after an accident, the author imagined he would graduate from the school. And walk across the country. His doctor thought he was delirious. After all, Brown had few prospects and only a ninth-grade education. But the dream did indeed come true; he tells the story of his long walk both literal and metaphorical.