Man of Steel


When Robert "Steve" Miller Jr. '66 got a call from Bethlehem Steel's board last year asking him to assume the flagging company's reins as chairman and CEO, he accepted in a matter of hours.

The Haunting of Hillsborough House


Former Harvard Law student John Bickford still hangs around his family home, though the Hillsborough, N.H., farmhouse where he grew up is now a bed-and-breakfast, his parents are dead--and so is he.

This Goose Ain’t Cooked

At least you're alive.That's what Sydney Altman '93 thought when friends began complaining about graying hair, sagging buttocks, dormant libido, and various other afflictions that beset people of a certain age--her age, that is.

Food Fight


The new battle against fast food has found an important ally in Richard Daynard '67, president of the Tobacco Control Resource Center at Northeastern University School of Law.

Bottomless Wits


Trying to guilt trip a burglar when you catch him red-handed in your apartment is not a good idea, says Kathleen Tarr '95, especially if you're half naked.

A Night at the Dragapella


They say you can be anything you want with a Harvard Law degree.

A Place of One’s Own


Roy Prosterman '58 wants people in the poorest countries to own property. Think of it, he says, as an insurance policy for the planet.

Talking About a Revolution


Radio talk show host Juan Manuel García-Passalacqua '62 is urging his listeners--again--to go out and demonstrate. This time it's to stop the U.S. Navy from testing weapons on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques.

Pension Plans


Years before Enron's collapse spotlighted the vulnerability of employee retirement savings, Karen Ferguson '65 was immersed in what she half-jokingly refers to as the "arcane" area of pension law.

Freelance Diplomat


In 30 years of practicing law, corporate bankruptcy attorney David Erne '68 had been in many negotiations--but none like this one.

Higher Education


Jamienne Studley '75 has been trying to change academic institutions for a long time. Now, as head of Skidmore College, she's finally getting paid to do it.

Practitioner of Conscience


Amnesty International still fights torture, arbitrary detention, and unfair trials, says Secretary General Irene Khan LL.M. '79, but now it's also taking on hunger, illiteracy, and discrimination.

For the Defense


War has a way of finding Jim Haynes '83. Just six months after President George Bush appointed him general counsel of the Army in 1990, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, sparking the Persian Gulf War.

Courting Recovery


It wasn't long before newly elected Judge Karen Freeman-Wilson '85 began to know the defendants by their first names--they just kept coming back to her Gary, Ind., courtroom.

Testimony: An Essay by Yvonne M. Anderson ’96 (’02)


Why I Left Harvard Law School . . . and Why I Came Back Again

A Conversation with Domenico De Sole LL.M. ‘ 72

Domenico De Sole LL.M. ’72

As president and CEO of the Gucci Group, Domenico De Sole LL.M. ' 72 has taken the well-known fashion house from the brink of collapse to its current position as an $8 billion industry titan.