The Wordsmith

Sarah Hurwitz has quietly helped craft some of the first lady's most memorable speeches

HLB Fall 2016 Sarah Hurwitz

Sarah Hurwitz has quietly helped craft some of first lady Michelle Obama's most memorable speeches--first working with her on her speech to the 2008 Democratic convention in Denver, and eventually going on to work with the first lady almost exclusively for nearly six years.

A Citizen’s Constitution

Khizr Khan reminds a nation of its founding principles

HLB Fall 2016 Khizr and Ghazala Khan

On the stage of the Democratic National Convention, one Gold Star father invoked the words of the Founding Fathers, and just like that, a Pakistani-born Muslim American lawyer inspired more Americans to buy pocket U.S. Constitutions from Amazon than ever before. His life has not been the same since.

Will Power

A 19th-century document leads Terry Franklin on a journey of self-discovery

HLB Fall 2016 Terry Franklin

Terry Franklin ’89, a trusts and estates litigator, knows the importance of wills to those left behind. Recently he has focused on a will executed 170 years ago with enormous bearing on his ancestors’ survival and his own existence.

Harvesting Progress

Carol Wang co-founds a spice company designed to boost Afghanistan's fledgling economy

HLB Fall 2016 Carol Wang

Carol Wang ’13 spent two years before law school crisscrossing Afghanistan helping nascent small businesses. Now, she and three military veterans who served there are building their own small business designed to boost the nation’s long-troubled economy.

Gaining Ground in Ghana

Raymond Atuguba is driving legal and social reforms in his home country

Raymond Atuguba HLB Fall 2016

As a child, Raymond Atuguba was regularly confronted by the harsh realities of poverty in Ghana. His father, a civil servant posted to rural areas, owned the only car for miles around. “Every emergency was brought to our door. If the car was not functioning, people died—on a daily basis—because they could not get to the hospital,” recalls Atuguba. “When I grew up, I said, ‘No, this has to change.’”

Collegial Counselor

HLB Fall 2016 James Bass

Throughout his career, James O. Bass Sr. '34 has engendered confidence in leadership circles as the ultimate counselor.

On Cape Cod

Don Krohn ’87 photo HLB Fall 2016

Don Krohn's long career has taken him around the world, but in his new new collection of photographs Krohn '87 turns his focus to his home on the coast of Massachusetts.

HLS Authors

Selected Alumni Books Fall 2016

HLB Fall 2016

A father’s fight for justice, a modern-day Beowulf, an American heiress

Sparking Engagement

New HLSA President Peter C. Krause ’74 aims to galvanize international alumni and younger graduates—and build the franchise

Peter Krause ’74

As the new Harvard Law School Association president, Peter C. Krause ’74 has set a goal to engage international alumni across the globe.

The Road Less Traveled

For one entertainment lawyer, it has included a stint in front of the TV cameras

HLB Fall 2016 Kelly Shapiro ’05

When Kelly Shapiro ’05 started her own entertainment law practice last year after stepping down as VP of a real estate investment trust, she had no intention of working on a TV show.