Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Harvard Law: A 64-year journey


The late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was enrolled at HLS from 1956 to 1958. In the years since, Ginsburg returned to Harvard Law School many times.

HLS Authors: Fall 2020

Selected Alumni Books

HLSAuthors_Main_Verónica grech (HLB Fall 2020)

Alumni books that shed light on what formed a president, a vice-presidential candidate, and a barrier-breaking empire builder, among other topics.

Hidden History

Teaching a class concentrated on two predominantly African American cemeteries, Tom Duckenfield ’89 helps uncover the stories of people who may have been forgotten but whose lives mattered

117-8P3A9589-3_2550 (HLB Fall 2020)

For Duckenfield, it was about learning about the past but also connecting it to the present. The people buried in these cemeteries deserve respect and attention, he says—no different from African Americans living now whose stories are often unknown and unseen by the larger population.

The Jury Is Out—of the Courthouse

Navigating the nation’s first virtual jury trial

Miskelatcomputer copy Emily Miskel (HLB Fall 2020)

By March 17, just two weeks after Texas reported its first case of COVID-19, Judge Emily Miskel ’08 was back on the figurative bench, presiding over a one-hour virtual temporary restraining order hearing from home.