Making the State Pay

Jonathan Hiles ’16 helps Kareem Bellamy sue for the 14 years he spent wrongfully imprisoned by the state of New York


Jonathan Hiles '16 was 5 years old when Kareem Bellamy was arrested for murder. This past spring, Hiles helped Bellamy win a $2.75 million settlement from the state of New York for the 14 years he was wrongfully imprisoned.

The Right Fit?

Kathryn Spier book Tailored Lawsuit illustration- HLB Fall 2015

Litigation is often seen as an either/or proposition. You either settle out of court or go to trial and leave the outcome entirely in the hands of a judge or a jury. But Professor Kathryn Spier has researched another option: whereby parties go to trial with an agreement in place on the ceiling and floor for the plaintiff’s recovery.