Elizabeth Bartholet Challenges the Child Welfare System

Nobody's Children: Abuse and Neglect, Foster Drift, and the Adoption Alternative

The Bulletin interviews Elizabeth Bartholet about her recent book, which looks at how policies affect children victimized by abuse and neglect.

Gerald Frug’s Alternative Vision of Urban America

City Making: Building Communities without Building Walls

The Bulletin interviews Professor Gerald Frug about his new book which gives readers a sense of how the incentive system built into local government law has helped generate suburban sprawl.

Parenting Choices, Professor Martha A. Field and Valerie A. Sanchez

Equal Treatment for People with Mental Retardation: Having and Raising Children

In their new book, excerpted below, Martha A. Field and Valerie A. Sanchez present their views of American legal doctrine and social policies that have influenced and still govern procreation and parenting by persons with retardation.