A Valuable Lesson

Your 1968 photo [Fall 2000, p. 27] of members of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) brings back memories. The student in the foreground is Robert Belt, Class of 1970 and one of my housemates. The BLSA met with Dean Bok to complain that the construction crew for a new Law School building contained no […] Continue Reading

Fall Issue Had the Right Touch

What a fantastic issue [Fall 2000]. Wonderful that you covered diversity with such a fine touch. The extended Class Notes were, to me at least, an eye opener in the sense that seldom before have you focused on other than the celebration of the anointed. I would like to congratulate Debra Dickerson [“Unconventional Wisdom,” p. […] Continue Reading

More Worthy of the New Yorker

I am wondering why you thought your readers should know about the quixotic litigation in federal court by Stephen Young ’74 on a claim that equates environmental opposition to commercial logging in national forests to a religion [Fall 2000, p. 6]. This seems to me an item more worthy of a squib in the New […] Continue Reading

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Inside HLS

  • In Defense of Blondes

    Can a Southern California sorority queen survive the rigors of Harvard Law School, overcome virulent anti-blondeism, triumph in class and in the courtroom, and get the cute, sensitive, brainy guy in the end? Like, duh! That’s how the question might be answered by Elle Woods, the central character of the movie Legally Blonde, a comedy […]

  • Faculty Approves Strategic Plan

    Proposal Would Reduce Class Sizes, Increase Financial Aid After more than two years of studies, committee meetings, and debate, the Harvard Law School faculty has approved a comprehensive strategic plan that will shape the School for the next 10 to 20 years. At the urging of Dean Robert Clark ’72, faculty members, students, alumni, and […]

  • Board of Student Advisers Turns Ninety

    Founded in 1910 to “educate and assist students,” the Board of Student Advisers, the Law School’s oldest service organization, celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. From BSA’s early days as adviser to first-year students, through its years of teaching legal research to 1Ls to help them compete in the Ames competition, the organization has influenced […]

  • Dalkon Shield Litigation Papers Donated to HLS

    The Harvard Law School library recently acquired a voluminous collection of papers from the Dalkon Shield litigation, a tort case involving nearly 400,000 claims. The papers were donated last summer by the Ohio law firm Brown & Szaller, whose managing attorney, James Szaller, has been involved in the suit since 1975. The Dalkon Shield litigation […]

  • HLS’s Party Central

    In a theater district alley in downtown Boston, dozens of Harvard Law students line up to get into the New Orleans-themed Big Easy club. At the rope line in front, the party’s organizer, T. J. Duane ’02, greets guests with a smile or a handshake and a free pass inside. Downstairs, most partygoers congregate near […]

  • 89th Ames Challenges Nurses’ Constitutional Right to Protest Wages

    “Thirsty men want beer, not explanations,” said U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter ’66, quoting Lord Macnaghten, after presiding over the 89th annual Ames Moot Court Competition. And “beer” is what the Ames competitors delivered. Souter, with Frank Easterbrook of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and Judith Rogers ’64 of the […]

Alumni Notes & Newsmakers

  • Alumni Bid for Congress

    While Ralph Nader ’58 grabbed the spotlight in the presidential race, several other HLS alumni also sought elective office in the fall. Perhaps the most watched congressional race centered on a district near Los Angeles, where Democrat Adam Schiff ’85 defeated incumbent Republican James Rogan for a U.S. House seat. The combined campaigns spent an […]

  • Illustration of tree with roots forming into the shape of a man and woman's face

    Adopting a Cause

    Frederick F. Greenman Jr. ’61 LL.M. ’63 fights for a right almost everyone takes for granted. All people, he believes, should be able to find out the identity of those responsible for their birth. As a pro bono legal adviser to the American Adoption Congress (AAC), the attorney in New York City has assisted with […]

  • Illustration of graduate behind bars

    Guilty, by Reason of HLS Degree

    A Harvard law degree is not always advantageous. In fact, for Nguyen Ngoc Bich LL.M. ’73, it was downright dangerous. Largely because of his HLS education, Bich spent 12 years in prison in his native Vietnam. The experience has not diminished his will, his sense of humor, or his affection for the School. Indeed, he […]

  • An Independent Woman

    Jennifer Braceras ’94 doesn’t object to being called a feminist. Just don’t forget to call her a conservative also. “I think that any woman who has a career in this day and age would have to consider herself a feminist and certainly appreciate the contributions of the feminist movement of yesteryear,” said Braceras, an advisory […]

  • Class Mates

    For Carolyn Cochran Clark ’68 and L. David Clark Jr. ’68, the seating chart in their 1966 commercial transactions class proved to be prescient. Professor Robert Braucher’s alphabetical arrangement placed the two students next to each other. They remain attached to this day. “It’s like having a two-person study group that continues over the years,” […]