‘A Critically Important Role’ Against Terrorism


Congresswoman Jane Harman '69 had long been fearful that America would become a target for terrorists.

A Strong Constitution


At a time when America could use a goodwill ambassador, Burton Caine '52 may seem like an unlikely candidate. He has sued his country's government and spoken out against its actions.

Chronic Withdrawal Pains


I am a Harvard Law School dropout, which makes me a member of a rare and unenviable set. My late father, who never got over my decision to leave America's premier law school, chided me for being bright enough to get into Harvard but not bright enough to stay. From about two years after leaving to the present, I have shared my father's assessment.

A Conversation with Irwin Schneiderman


Irwin Schneiderman '48 is senior counsel at Cahill Gordon & Reindel, where he has worked for the past 53 years. A self- described "kid from the Jewish ghetto," Schneiderman is a graduate of Brooklyn College and served as a Navy officer in World War II before enrolling at Harvard Law School.