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Writ Large: Faculty Books

In legal scholarship, what defines staying power?

What does it mean to 'think like a lawyer' - in particular, an American lawyer? After wrestling with that question for years, Harvard Law Professors David Kennedy '80 and William W. Fisher III '82 have given us an anthology of the law review articles they believe yield the answer. Continue Reading

Alumni Notes and Newsmakers

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  • The Knight of Mindoro

    As a young girl growing up in the 1930s on a small island in the Philippines, Erlinda Arce Ignacio Espiritu LL.M. ’51 found inspiration to become a lawyer in the legends of the Knights of the Round Table.

  • After Story

    Bill Clendaniel ’75 likes what he does for the living. And the dead.

  • Celestial reasonings

    As a teenager, Ted Vosk had become homeless after a “messy home situation led to a mutual agreement” between Vosk and his parents: He left, and they kicked him out. After some time on the streets, a friend who was in college invited him to sit in on an astronomy class.