Labor’s laborer


When Paul Tobias ’58 was not yet 30, he wrote to Herbert Hoover, Carl Jung and several hundred others, seeking advice on turning 70.

The Knight of Mindoro


As a young girl growing up in the 1930s on a small island in the Philippines, Erlinda Arce Ignacio Espiritu LL.M. ’51 found inspiration to become a lawyer in the legends of the Knights of the Round Table.

Envoy for justice


Yash Pal Ghai LL.M. ’63 has spent his professional life quietly advising countries ravaged by war and colonialism on how to use the law to build democratic societies. Recently, though, his work has received extensive coverage, particularly in Asia, for his sharp criticisms of Cambodia’s current human rights record—and the even sharper response of that country’s prime minister, Hun Sen.

After Story


Bill Clendaniel ’75 likes what he does for the living. And the dead.

Part monk, part riddler


Randy Komisar’s trajectory from corporate counsel to executive to “virtual CEO” to author to venture capitalist was not at all planned. “My career makes sense only in a rearview mirror,” says Komisar ’81.

Celestial reasonings


As a teenager, Ted Vosk had become homeless after a “messy home situation led to a mutual agreement” between Vosk and his parents: He left, and they kicked him out. After some time on the streets, a friend who was in college invited him to sit in on an astronomy class.

You can fight City Hall


More than a thousand domestic violence victims who were wrongly denied welfare benefits can thank Elizabeth S. Saylor ’01 for fixing the system.

A conversation with Tony Bloom


Tony Bloom LL.M. ’64 is the former chairman and CEO of The Premier Group, which grew from a small business founded by his family at the turn of the last century into one of South Africa’s largest industrial companies.