Articulating Integrity

Articulating Integrity 4

The Global Anticorruption Lab, taught by HLS Professor Matthew Stephenson ’03, offers law students an unusual opportunity to hone concise writing skills through the crafting of blog posts that are read and commented on by high-level stakeholders around the world.

LL.M.s for LGBT Rights

Susan Mirembe Nalunkuma LL.M. ’15 and Godiva Akullo LL.M. ’15 (HLB Spring 2015)

Childhood friends train together to fight Uganda’s draconian anti-gay laws

Will Corporate ‘Speech’ Undermine Productivity?

John Coates (HLB Spring 2015)

John Coates argues that extending speech protections to corporations is bad—not just for democracy but for capitalism.

Legacies of Selfless Scholarship

Daniel_Halperin_(HLB Spring 2015)

In July, HLS Professor Daniel Halperin, will retire after after more than a half-century as a tax lawyer, professor and government official as will Duncan Kennedy who in 30 of his years on the faculty has taught one-fourth of every HLS entering class contracts, property or torts.

Preventing Sexual Assault

Universities nationwide are trying to do a better job of addressing sexual misconduct on campus. At HLS, new procedures reflect many voices.

Dying While Black and Brown

Dying While Black and Brown_(HLB Spring 2015)

In March, Harvard Law School’s Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race & Justice sponsored a dance performance at HLS titled “Dying While Black and Brown.” Presented one day before the 50th anniversary of the Selma-to-Montgomery civil rights march, it dramatized the disproportionate incarceration and execution of people of color.