Seizing the Opportunity

Seizing Opportunity HLBSP16

Since graduating from Harvard College in 1985 and then getting his law degree, Alan Jenkins '89 had been on a career fast track, but he felt frustrated about the forces of injustice and inequality he saw around him.

Meeting at Cops’ Corner

Cops Corner students HLBSP16

In just one decade, Everett, Massachusetts, once a predominantly white city, has become the most racially and ethnically diverse in the commonwealth. Building communication between police officers and local youth is a priority for Chief of the Everett Police Department Steven A. Mazzie, who is white, as are 86 percent of his officers. Last fall he invited a team of HLS students from the Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program to Everett for an impartial assessment.

HLS Reflects on the Legacy of Justice Scalia

Scalia HLBSP16

With the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia ’60 of the U.S. Supreme Court on February 13 has come an outpouring of remembrances and testaments to his transformative presence during his 30 years on the Court. On February 24, Dean Martha Minow and a panel of seven Harvard Law School professors, each of whom had a personal or professional connection to the justice, gathered to remember his life and work.

A Place to Stay

Y2Y A Place to Stay (HLBSP2016)

Harvard Law students provide legal referrals to outside agencies and other services at Y2Y—the new shelter in Harvard Square for homeless youth aged 18-24 staffed by young people about the same age.

On Working with Constraints: A Q&A with Richard Parker

Parker HLB SP16

HLS Professor Richard Parker ’70, a constitutional law scholar and a populist, reflects on a life-changing event seven years out—what it has altered and what it has not.

A Question of History

Harvard Law will no longer use shield tied to slavery

A Question of History HLBSP16

On March 14, the Harvard Corporation voted to retire the Harvard Law School shield, following the recommendation of an HLS committee. The shield is modeled on the family crest of Isaac Royall, whose bequest endowed the first professorship of law at Harvard. Royall was the son of an Antiguan slaveholder.

From the NYPD to HLS

Gene Park Bulletin HLBSP16

Gene Park has found that his greatest challenge this year has been making the transition from decisive cop mode to contemplative student.

Wise Promoter of Accountable Government

Inside HLS HLBSP16

For more than half a century, Phil Heymann has served the nation— and Harvard Law School—with distinction.