Inside HLS

  • Harvard Law Survivor

    What’s the difference between Harvard Law School and Survivor? Harvard Law School is easier to get into, and Survivor is easier to get kicked out of. Nick Brown ’02 should know. He’s the only person to experience both, one famed for an intense, competitive, even cutthroat atmosphere, and the other, well . . . For […]

  • Air Unfair

    Adjunct Professor Michael Levine likes to see airlines compete. After all, he helped deregulate the airline industry two decades ago before serving as an executive at three different carriers. But Levine fears new consolidation may kill the competitive industry he helped create as an official at the Civilian Aeronautics Board. So he’s become a vocal […]

  • The Cart Before the Court

    Casey Martin’s legal battle to use a golf cart during PGA tournaments will not affect many other golfers. Yet the case could affect the lives of many disabled Americans, according to Assistant Professor Samuel Bagenstos ’93. As part of a Supreme Court case heard on January, Bagenstos wrote the amici curiae brief in support of […]

  • Presidential Politics

    The search committee that ultimately chose Lawrence Summers as the 27th president of Harvard University originally considered hundreds of candidates for the job. One of those charged with narrowing this substantial pool was Conrad Harper ’65–the only HLS graduate on the presidential search committee. Harper is also a member of the seven-person Harvard Corporation, which […]

  • Bush Taps HLS Grads for Administration

    A new president may occupy the White House, but Harvard Law remains well represented at the top of government. So far, President George W. Bush has appointed former U.S. senator E. Spencer Abraham ’78 (’79) as secretary of the Department of Energy, Robert Zoellick ’81 as U.S. trade representative, and Alberto Gonzales ’82 as White […]

  • Naming Rights…and Wrongs

    Certain lawyers might say that it depends on what the definition of “at” is. Technically, the National College for DUI Defense was held “at” Harvard Law School. The college, a professional, nonprofit corporation dedicated to the dissemination of information on drunk driving litigation, has rented space at the Law School to conduct seminars. But when […]