Breathing Lessons


Hannah Zagon knows her mommy now gets tired easily because of the ouchies in her head and lungs called cancer.

Aural Fixation


Rest assured, Dean Blackwood '95 is not demanding a 45-foot trailer filled with cardamom incense sticks and candy bowls with all the green M&M's removed.

We Are Where We Excrete


The urinal is the political. So are the toilet and the condom dispenser and the diaper changing station and everything else commonly found in men's and women's rooms (and even the fact that there are men's and women's rooms).

An Essay by Harold Putnam ’50-’51: The Woman in the Picture


The year 1989 wound down with the law school being painfully reminded that its portrait collection was still conspicuously all male.

A Conversation with Gustave and Rita Hauser


Gustave M. Hauser '53 met his future wife, Rita E. Hauser '58, at HLS when he was a teaching fellow and she a 1L.