Duck Bind


Justice Antonin Scalia '60 went duck hunting with Vice President Dick Cheney three weeks after the Supreme Court agreed to hear Cheney's appeal of a lower court order that he turn over records of the closed energy task force meetings he held in 2001.

Hearing the Call


Sharon Kelly '04 smiles when she recalls meeting a teenage girl who'd asked her mother for a birthday present: to drive her hours and hours across the plains of Iowa to a town hall meeting of a presidential candidate.

A Marriage Contrast

Laurence Tribe Preferred Faculty Photo, as of 3/3/14

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decision in Goodridge v. Department of Public Health last fall has allowed gay marriage in the commonwealth--at least for now.

The Laws of War


In April, during one of the most violent periods of fighting in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime, Assistant Professor Ryan Goodman's Public International Law class struggled to determine when the use of force is legal and what to do when force may be illegal yet legitimate.