Mightier Than the S-word

Answering critics, Randall Kennedy pens new book on racial betrayal

Randall Kennedy knows what it’s like to be called a sellout. Throughout his 24-year career at Harvard Law School, Kennedy has developed a reputation as a professor who is not afraid to challenge orthodoxies—sometimes to the alarm of liberals and black Americans.

Filling in the Gaps

From Einer Elhauge, a new approach to interpreting unclear legislation

Most judges, faced with the task of interpreting unclear statutes, want to do the right thing, says Harvard Law School Professor Einer Elhauge ’86. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy.

A Labor of Love on Love’s Labors

Forty years ago Charles Donahue found a passion that has lasted into middle age

As a 3L at Yale Law School in the mid-1960s, Charles Donahue studied a series of decisions by Pope Alexander III (1159-1181) that became the basis of marriage law in Western Europe for the next three centuries. At the time, he didn’t realize how they would come to rule his own life.

Sharia as Backlash

Noah Feldman explains the rise of religious law

Professor Noah Feldman has done plenty of thinking about the intersection of religion and law, particularly in the Arab World.