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Waking to the threat matrix: How Juan Zarate ’97 survived four years inside the ultimate pressure cooker

Summer 2009

For the last four years, Juan Zarate ’97 has not gotten very much sleep. As the deputy assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for combating terrorism, Zarate spent countless hours poring over the National Counterterrorism Center’s threat matrix.

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Letter from São Paulo: A Plane Crashes—and a Compensation System Takes Flight

Diego Faleck and staff at the claims resolution facility

“Late Justice is not Justice, but manifest injustice,” wrote Ruy Barbosa de Oliveira (1849-1923), perhaps the most prominent jurist and statesman in the history of Brazil. I was struck by these words during my first year of law school in São Paulo. Continue Reading

A Year of Living Dangerously: Erica Gaston ’07 helped rebuild shattered lives by building trust

Summer 2009

“From 2007 to 2008, the number of civilians killed in Afghanistan’s ongoing conflict rose 40 percent, according to U.N. figures.” So begins the report co-written by Erica Gaston ’07, with Rebecca Wright, during Gaston’s Henigson Fellowship year in Afghanistan, which started in January 2008. Continue Reading

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  • Troubling title

    Your article on President-elect Obama [“A Commander in Chief”] was quite interesting but I found the title troubling. Surely our leaders, whether of the nation or of the law review, are not primarily military figures. Whoever chose the title seems unaware that, as was observed by Justice Robert Jackson but ignored by the Bush administration, […]

  • Early recognition

    I received the Fall 2008 Bulletin with the picture of President-elect Obama on the cover. The story by Seth Stern was excellent. The face page of the story states, “In law school, Barack Obama ’91 already looked—and led—like a future president.” In fact, the Bulletin recognized President-elect Obama’s potential even before he finished his first […]

  • The review and the White House, in review

    Your cover story on Barack Obama in the recent Bulletin reminded me of the other connections between presidents of the Harvard Law Review and presidents of the United States. Obviously, Obama will be the first to have held both offices. However, one president of the United States had a son who was president of the […]