The Olin Advantage


Lisa Bernstein ’90 knew from her first day of law school that she wanted to be a professor, though as time went on, she wondered whether that would be possible without top grades or law review credentials. What helped to set her apart from other applicants, she says, was the paper she wrote—and mentoring she received—as an Olin Fellow during law school.

Straddling the Gap Between East and West


Krzysztof Skubiszewski, who died earlier this year at age 83, lived a life shadowed and shaped by World War II and communism.

Ramer’s List

Audi At The Poder Reconciliation Forum

Bruce Ramer ’58 divides his time between entertainment giants and pro bono causes.

Smart About Art—Even When It’s Naïve

HLB June10 10203

When you’re standing in the middle of GINA Gallery of International Naïve Art, you feel the way you would in a flower garden on a perfect day.

A Case for Reform

Last Lecture: Paul Butler urges HLS students to use their privilege to resist–and call out–injustice

Former prosecutor Paul Butler ’86 now argues for jury nullification in cases of nonviolent offenders—even if they are guilty.

Build It and They Will Come

HLB June10 10162

Raj Kumar LL.M. ’00 wants to reform India’s legal system—one law student at a time.

A Citizen Journalist to the Rescue

Ory Okolloh ’05

Within hours of the catastrophic earthquake that hit Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Jan. 12, when so many felt helpless to intervene, a website powered by volunteers helped to inform humanitarian aid groups and even the U.S. State Department about the developing disaster.

A Conversation with John F. Cogan Jr. ’52

John F. Cogan Jr. ’52

Jack Cogan ’52 jokes that he resides “in the shadow of Harvard,” having moved back to the Square after living in Lexington for years. A graduate of Harvard College (’49) and Harvard Law School, he’s had a long engagement with the school and the university, serving on the Visiting Committee and supporting HLS—including most recently its international programs.