HLS Authors: Selected Alumni Books

Although common-law jurisdictions have the same legal origins, in practice they exhibit major differences from one another as shown by varied corporate governance systems, according to Bruner. The professor at Washington and Lee University School of Law examines the power of shareholders in public companies, emphasizing that those in the United States have less influence than those in places such as the United Kingdom and Australia.

Using Both his Head and his Heart

HLB-su14-Tommy Koh

For this great negotiator, it comes naturally

A Visible Difference

HLB-su14-Marissa Wesely

In a transition from corporate law, an attorney focuses on increasing opportunities for women.

Siblings in the Struggle


Inspired by legendary lawyers, a brother and sister set out to change the world.

Main Injustice


Without prosecutions, the risk of another financial crisis is greater,says a prominent federal judge.

A conversation with Bertram Fields ’52


There is no one in Hollywood—indeed, throughout the entire entertainment industry—who doesn’t know the name Bert Fields.