Her Honor Mandala

A young judicial officer looks to tradition and to the future

HLB su19 21287 (HLB Summer 2019)

In her year at HLS, Chikondi Mandala LL.M. ’19 learned "to think critically about the law itself, why it exists, and how we can make it better.”

Heard on campus

News and views from speakers at HLS


News and views from speakers at HLS

A Question of Prevention

I. Glenn Cohen on a procedure to avoid passing on genetic mutations, and the push to legalize it

MRT_Cohen_Harvard-Law-genetics-Rework-idea2(HLB Summer 2019)

Calls are growing for the U.S. to lift a ban on mitochondrial replacement therapy, or MRT, a procedure developed to enable women who are at risk of passing on rare but devastating diseases to have healthy, biologically related children.