A Justice Reflects on Law and Life

Justice Gorsuch shares insights into his decisions and events that shaped him

Neil Gorsuch (HLB SU2020)

In a book featuring speeches and writings over the course of his 30 years in the law, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch ’91 offers “personal reflections on our Constitution, its separation of powers, and some of the challenges we face in preserving and protecting our republic today.”

A Sense of Place

In her new book, Deirdre Mask ’07 shows that street addresses mean a lot more than meets the eye

CN Profile: Deidre Mask (HLB SU2020)

Deirde Mask ’07, author of “The Address Book: What Street Addresses Reveal About Identity, Race, Wealth, and Power” illuminates the richness and history behind the seemingly prosaic numbers and names that mark the places in our lives in her book and talks about how the books came to be.

Pivot Point

Working on the front lines of New York’s COVID-19 response


HLS sectionmates Phil Caruso ’19 and Gareth Rhodes ’19 unexpectedly found themselves working to address the COVID-19 crisis in their home state of New York less than a year after graduation. Caruso became a Department of Defense liaison to the New York City Emergency Management Department and Rhodes was a member of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 task force.

Lila Fenwick ’56, the first black female graduate of Harvard Law, dies at 87

Summer 2003 Bulletin, Disc 2 of 4 104235

Lila Fenwick ’56 was a student at Harvard Law School in 1954 when the Supreme Court decision in Brown v.  Board of Education came down. “I was delirious,” recalled Fenwick, one of only a handful of women students at HLS at the time and the only black woman among them.

A Case for Compassion

Long devoted to upending the U.S. system of incarceration, Juliana Andonian ’17 works to secure the release of vulnerable people in prison—and seeks other lawyers to help the cause

CN Profile Juliana Andonian (HLB SU2020)

Juliana (Ratner) Andonian ’17 went to law school for one reason and one reason only: to get people out of prison. She is now fulfilling that mission at a time when it could not be more urgent.

HLS Authors: Selected Alumni Books Summer 2020

Alumni Books (HLB SU2020)

From new takes on famous figures from American history to the stories of lesser-known figures, including two who resisted fascism in war-torn Europe and went on to become the authors’ parents

Double Take

Ames Teammates celebrate another win

CN Profile_Ames (HLB SU2020)

“Carly” Anderson ’12 wrote on Dec. 4 to report that Mitch Reich ’12 had argued Rodriguez v. FDIC before the Supreme Court just the day before. Among those listening to the argument in the courtroom were Anderson and four other HLS classmates—Stephanie Simon, Matthew Greenfield, Stephen Pezzi and Noah Weiss—who, along with Reich, had all been members of the 2011 winning Ames Moot Court Competition team.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

After a health scare, William D. Zabel ’61 reflects on a life and career of making a difference for society and his clients—with more to come

William D. Zabel CN Profile_Zabel(HLB SU2020)

After a health scare, William D. Zabel ’61 reflects on a life and career of making a difference for society and his clients—with more to come.

John ‘Jack’ Cogan Jr. ’52 (1926-2020)

Legal leader, wise counselor


John F. Cogan, Jr. ’52, a legal leader, civic activist and dedicated supporter of Harvard Law School, has died. He was 93.

Coming Full Circle

Jerry Rappaport and the two speaker series he helped to launch at HLS nearly 75 years apart


The Harvard Law School Forum was born in 1946, when Jerome “Jerry” Rappaport approached Harvard Law School Dean James Landis with an idea: What if Harvard Law School sponsored a speaker series on issues that would shape the post-war world?