Popular Opinion

In the ongoing debate over the ways justices interpret the Constitution, Mark Tushnet offers a different perspective: Let the people decide

Tushnet advocates for a new constitutional order that would move away from “judicial supremacy" and instead focus on empowering ordinary people to shape Americans’ understanding of the meaning of the Constitution.

Getting the Law of Wrongs Right

John Goldberg on reforming how we think about tort law, including in the age of COVID-19

In “Recognizing Wrongs,” Goldberg and his co-author argue that much of the criticism of tort law comes from failing to appreciate its character and purposes.

Faculty Books in Brief: Summer 2020

From human rights in a time of populism to a comparative look at capital punishment to a focus on disability, healthcare and bioethics

For the Sake of Argument

Joseph Singer writes on how to use persuasion to break through a divide

Singer seeks to help lawyers and the general public make reasoned arguments, promote civil discourse, and consider alternative perspectives.