Pomp and Circumstance

Separated by a pandemic, the resilient Class of 2020 still found ways to connect

JD_Radhe-Patel-_rc_web2 (HLB SU2020)

On May 28, 2020, Harvard Law students gathered to celebrate their graduation. The gathering did not take place at the foot of Langdell Hall, but rather in living rooms and backyards worldwide, from Cambridge to California, from New Zealand to the Netherlands, at all hours of the day and night.

No Time Like the Present

Talia Gillis brings insights from behavioral economics to law and to life

Student Snapshot: Talia Gillis main image   (HLB SU2020)

Talia Gillis’ work cuts a wide swath, one focus being the intersection of artificial intelligence and consumer loan discrimination. It’s driven by a question: “What does it mean for a credit pricing algorithm to discriminate?”

How to Do Comparative Constitutional Law?

For Mark Tushnet, you can’t leave out politics

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Mark Tushnet is the rare scholar who has been able to connect disparate fields and ways of thinking about law and constitutional government as few other scholars have been willing or able to do.

Embracing the Whole World through the Study and Teaching of Law

The influence of Mary Ann Glendon, a comparatist at heart

Glendon cop 2 Tribute (HLB SU2020)

Mary Ann Glendon communicated an ideal that as students of the law, we were participants in a vast, complex and immensely important human enterprise. She embodied in her own life and generated in others a joy and a passion for what we studied together because it was valuable and relevant to our lives. At the same time, she was never naïve or utopian in this vision of the distinctive nobility and grandeur of law’s ideals. She never lost sight, with clear-eyed realism, of law as a sociological fact—subject to interests and powers—and of the fragility and flaws of every human undertaking.

‘An Unmatched Curiosity of Mind and Humbleness of Spirit’

What I learned from Robert Clark: Lessons from the classroom and the boardroom

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It is one thing to find someone who combines stunning intellect, subject matter mastery, confidence and courage in his or her decision-making, but it is exceedingly rare to find one who possesses all those qualities together with a thoroughly genuine humbleness of spirit. But that is Robert Clark.

Learning and Teaching ‘in the Curvature of Constitutional Space’

Laurence Tribe’s eloquence, influence and impact

Tribute: Laurence Tribe (HLB SU2020)

No one in legal academia has ever combined the roles of constitutional teacher, scholar, advocate, adviser, and commentator with the dazzling breadth, depth, and eloquence of Larry Tribe ’66. And no constitutional law professor has ever so seamlessly integrated all these roles for his students’ benefit.

How tightly should hateful speech be regulated on campus?

At the inaugural Harvard Law School Rappaport Forum, two professors debate whether it constitutes violence or is a necessary preparation for real life

2020_02_21_Inaugural Rappaport Forum_037_Tom Fitzsimmons

Two professors squared off Friday during the inaugural Harvard Law School Rappaport Forum in a session titled “When Is Speech Violence? And Other Questions About Campus Speech.”