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The Civil Rights Queen and Her Court

Tomiko Brown-Nagin’s book recounts the remarkable — and too little-known — life and achievements of civil rights lawyer and judge Constance Baker Motley

Brown-Nagin hopes that current and future generations will learn Motley’s story, which showcases her resilience and the many different ways one can make contributions over the course of a career. Continue Reading

A Blast from the Past

Adrian Vermeule proposes an approach to constitutional interpretation rooted in classical legal tradition

“Common Good Constitutionalism" offers a fundamental critique of both leading approaches to the debate over constitutional law and interpretation. Continue Reading

Faculty Books in Brief: Summer 2022

From the Hughes Court to stock market short-termism to the U.S.'s "defend forward" cyber strategy Continue Reading

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Alumni Notes & Newsmakers


Remembering Lloyd Weinreb: 1936-2021

In 1968 I was a second-year law student. It was the middle of a very cold winter and a raging snowstorm. It was the night we had invited one of my Harvard Law professors, Lloyd Weinreb, to dinner. Continue Reading

‘Envy does not begin to describe my feelings’

As a mere foot soldier in the trenches of the law all these years (now retired), I previously could only marvel at the accomplishments of my former classmates as the Bulletin trumpeted their achievements. Continue Reading

Times v. Sullivan provides essential protection

There is no denying that the internet’s democratization of publishing has made it more challenging for Americans to discern legitimate news reporting sources from biased, subjective, and even deceptive opinion platforms. But that doesn’t compel throwing up our hands in surrender. Continue Reading

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