From the Dean

A Curriculum Without Borders

A great law school must constantly re-assess how it can best prepare its students for the complex challenges they will face as lawyers and leaders. What should we be teaching students, and at what stage in their legal education will it be most helpful for them to learn it? Continue Reading

Writ Large: Faculty Books

The Compliance Man

Jack Goldsmith’s job was about following the law, not the party line

For all his eloquence and conviction, Jack Goldsmith is a quiet man. For three years, he remained silent about his brief and controversial stint as head of the Office of Legal Counsel in George W. Bush’s Department of Justice. And even following the much-publicized publication of his book “The Terror Presidency” in September, Goldsmith does not relish the steady demand for comment about his Department of Justice tenure. Continue Reading

Chilling Zones in Killing Zones

Even in endless wars, there can be pockets of peace

At first, the notion that Israel could sit down with its sworn enemies and achieve a limited agreement to protect civilians seemed far-fetched to Gabriella Blum LL.M. ’01 S.J.D. ’03. The year was 1997, Blum was a young officer in the Israel Defense Forces, and she’d just been assigned to a group with the task of monitoring that noble, if dubious, effort. Continue Reading

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Alumni Notes & Newsmakers

  • Winter 2008

    Where Every Day Is Gospel Season

    For Paul Butler ’94, it’s been gospel music 24/7—ever since he joined the Gospel Music Channel in 2006, as vice president of business affairs and development.

  • Winter 2008

    Career, Reconstructed

    Like so many of his classmates, when Jay Munir graduated from Harvard Law School in June 2001, he was headed for a job as a litigator at a large firm. If someone had asked him the standard interview question, Where do you see yourself in five years? his answer certainly would not have been, “Anbar Province, Iraq.”

  • Winter 2008

    Law Classes Take Flight

    As law becomes more global, options for foreign study expand Like his peers at Harvard Law School, Nels Hansen ’08 faced a heavy academic load in the fall semester, with no fewer than seven classes and workshops focused on corporate law. But unlike most of his classmates, Hansen had to take all of those courses—and […]

  • Winter 2008

    Negotiating Her Own Path

    As a teenager growing up in a suburb of Chicago, Susan D. Page ’89 already knew she wanted to live overseas: “I think it was an early reflection of my feelings about the U.S. and how I fit in. I have never felt like it’s really been home.”

  • Liliana Obregon, Helena Alviar Garcia and Isabel Jaramillo Sierra sitting under a tree

    Exporting Curriculum Reform

    High in the Andes mountains, five Harvard Law School alumni are changing the way law professors in Colombia are trained—and they are using HLS as a model.

  • Winter 2008

    Sheela Murthy LL.M. ’87 Went From Immigrant to Expert

    Sheela Murthy LL.M. ’87 founded the Murthy Law Firm in Baltimore County, Md., in 1994. Her firm, of which she is managing partner and president, employs 14 lawyers who primarily practice U.S. immigration law.