Faculty Books in Brief: Winter 2020

Conformity (HLB Winter 2020)

From conformity and the power of social influences to felony and the guilty mind in Medieval England

Status Update

Following a new course on social media and the law

Harvard Law Social Media Picks-7849_RC3_cmyk

How can regulation prevent social media from doing serious harm? A new course in fall 2019, Social Media and the Law, took on that inherently complex question.

Heard on Campus

News and views from speakers at HLS

3502_01_hlb (HLB Winter 2020)

From a U.S. Supreme Court justice to the president of Germany to a senator from Utah to a Hiroshima survivor: “I speak because I feel it is my responsibility.”

First Class

An organization started by Harvard Law students offers community and resources for low-income and first-generation college students at the school

729A6778_cmyk (HLS Winter 2020)

Julian Morimoto ’21 was born and raised in Honolulu, where he shared a two-bedroom apartment with nine family members including his mother, a waitress, and his stepfather, a cook. He sometimes studied in the stairwell because there was no other space, and the neighborhood could be violent. “A lot of people have the impression that Hawaii is this really magical place, but if you’re not rich or if your parents aren’t well connected, the Hawaii you live in is different,” says Morimoto.