Race and Place

Sheryll Cashin’s new book places geography at the heart of America’s racial segregation and inequality

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Caste is alive and well in the United States — and it starts with the very neighborhoods we call home. That’s the uncomfortable truth Sheryll Cashin asks us to confront in her new book.

A Position of Authority

The Supreme Court ‘must depend upon the public’s willingness to respect its decisions,’ writes Justice Stephen Breyer, based on trust that it is guided by legal principle, not politics

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In his book “The Authority of the Court and the Peril of Politics,” Justice Stephen Breyer explored how the Court can continue to maintain its vital role as a check on the rest of the government.

Home Court

Jonathan Papik becomes the youngest justice in the history of the state where he grew up

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“There aren’t a lot of jobs where your only job is to figure out what the law is and apply it to the facts without anybody from the outside pressuring you to take a certain position or view it in a certain way,” says Jonathan Papik.

To Infinity and Beyond

Gabriel Swiney was thousands of feet above the earth when he drafted rules to regulate future flights to the moon and Mars

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Since 2007, Gabriel Swiney has served in the State Department’s Office of the Legal Adviser. His work in space law, he says, has allowed him to merge his experience and his passion to help future generations chart a safer, fairer path to the stars.

HLS Authors: Selected Alumni Books Winter 2022

On war, history, and superpowers for at least inner peace

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When Tibor Várady began looking through more than 100 years of files of his family’s law firm in a Serbian city in Eastern Europe, he found not only client information. He uncovered a history of the people of the region during world wars and under control of multiple states.