Brianna Banks named winner of Stuntz Memorial Award

5.17.22 Brianna Banks_Retouched Stuntz Award 2022

This year, Brianna Banks was named the 2022 winner of the William J. Stuntz Memorial Award for Justice, Human Dignity, and Compassion, which recognizes a graduating student who has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to the principles of justice, human dignity, and compassion while at Harvard Law School.


1972_STLIFE_CommencementwithSacks_HLSC_ 1972_ss_21242694

For decades, joyful and candid moments have marked the occasion of students’ graduations from Harvard Law School. Here is a sampling of Commencement Day photos from the school’s extensive collection. 

Spring forward


As they prepare for commencement, graduating Harvard Law students share thoughts on their inspirations, aspirations, and challenges before, beyond, and during law school.

On the bookshelf


This spring, the Harvard Law School Library’s ongoing book talk series featured books by Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Joseph D. Kearney ’89 and Thomas W. Merrill, Anna Lvovsky, Mark Tushnet, and a volume co-edited by Michael Ashley Stein ’88.

Spring to campus


From Hastings to Hauser, pops of green and red leaves, and white, yellow and pink blossoms paint Harvard Law’s campus with true signs of spring.