Election Day Primer

Election law and voting rights experts Professor Nick Stephanopoulos and Lecturer on Law Ruth Greenwood, director of the Voting Rights Litigation and Advocacy Clinic, discuss the 2020 Election in advance of Election Day, November 3.

  • Donald Trump on stage with flags

    What do Trump’s election denials and flurry of firings add up to?

    Installing partisan loyalists into top defense and National Security Agency posts in a president’s final weeks in office is “completely unprecedented,” said Jack L. Goldsmith, Learned Hand Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and co-author of “After Trump: Reconstructing the Presidency,” a new book about executive branch reforms.

  • Julie Owono and Evelyn Douek

    ‘Be the Twitter that you want to see in the world’

    Ahead of the 2020 presidential election in the United States, experts from the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society convened to discuss how platforms are approaching mis- and disinformation and what they can improve going forward.

  • Election polling site

    Hard lessons from a tough election

    The Harvard Gazette recently asked scholars and analysts across the University to reflect on lessons learned in a variety of areas from this unprecedented and contentious presidential election.

  • election ballots

    Legal experts shake their heads at GOP election suits

    President Trump has made no secret of his intention to file legal challenges in key states where election results were close. Legal scholars are not convinced there’s a plausible argument that his legal team could make in these new actions that would prove successful in court.

  • Victoria Woodhull and Frederick Douglass

    Recalling another strange, historic election

    Kenneth Mack, a historian and Harvard Law School professor, weighs in on the unusual history of America's first woman presidential nominee and its first Black vice presidential pick in 1872, just seven years after the end of the Civil War.

  • Map-Party Control of State Government

    Harvard Law class games out worst-case election scenarios—and ways to remedy them

    Given the strong possibility that Tuesday night’s presidential election will not go off without a hitch, a group of Harvard Law School students have launched a website that explores every other possible election scenario.

  • Pile of red, white, and blue election buttons that read VOTE 2020.

    Why I vote

    Members of the HLS community share why they believe voting is important.