Picturing Harvard Law School 13

Picturing Harvard Law School

A Bicentennial Album

Credit: Joshi Radin 2012: A stroll in the hallways of the WCC is also a trip through time with HLS faculty, from Austin Wakeman Scott LL.B. 1909, who became professor of law in 1914, to Naz Modirzadeh ’02, who joined the faculty in 2016.

Since the doors of College House Number 2 opened to the first six students in the fall of 1817, almost everything at Harvard Law School has changed. But in this collection of photos selected from the school’s Historical & Special Collections, the Harvard University Archives and the Harvard Law Bulletin, you will see threads of continuity, no matter which decade—or even which century—you arrived. A photo offers up a moment, and we hope this collection conveys something of the history of this place, its people and its ethos.