‘Envy does not begin to describe my feelings’

The most recent issue (Winter 2022) brought joy and redemption to this 1964 graduate. As a mere foot soldier in the trenches of the law all these years (now retired), I previously could only marvel at the accomplishments of my former classmates as the Bulletin trumpeted their achievements as, among other things, captains of industry, leaders of government, civil rights icons, and travelers to space on the last space shuttle (well, almost). Envy does not begin to describe my feelings.

To my disbelief, however, the Winter 2022 issue warmed the mundane cockles of my heart, as it contained no mention of anyone in the Class of 1964. Is it possible that this elite group contained no one with any recent accomplishments worth noting? Were they just living normal lives for a period of time and just getting along in life?

My jealous heart runneth over.