Anne Fleming ’05, Legal Historian, Past Climenko Fellow


Anne Fleming ’05, a legal historian and professor at Georgetown University Law Center, died suddenly August 26 from an embolism. Fleming was a pathbreaking scholar whose article on the canonical contracts case on unconscionability doctrine, Williams v. Walker-Thomas Furniture Co., changed the way many taught it.  Fleming’s prize-winning first book, “City of Debtors: A Century […]

Making lemonade from lemons

Lemonade_single_02 (orientation 2020)

When the coronavirus pandemic handed him lemons, Stefan Martinić LL.M. ’21 made lemonade—literally—and invited his Harvard Law School LL.M. classmates around the globe to join him for an online lemonade party, sparking the class to create a variety of virtual social events that have already bonded them closely.

COVID adaptation

video conference on laptop concept

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage across the globe, affecting every aspect of human society, Harvard Law School finds itself at a pivotal moment in legal education. From the crisis, and the challenges and opportunities of remote learning, it is wresting pedagogical innovations that are transforming what it means to get a legal education.