Guilty, by Reason of HLS Degree


A Harvard law degree is not always advantageous. In fact, for Nguyen Ngoc Bich LL.M. ’73, it was downright dangerous. Largely because of his HLS education, Bich spent 12 years in prison in his native Vietnam. The experience has not diminished his will, his sense of humor, or his affection for the School. Indeed, he […]

Adopting a Cause


Frederick F. Greenman Jr. ’61 LL.M. ’63 fights for a right almost everyone takes for granted. All people, he believes, should be able to find out the identity of those responsible for their birth. As a pro bono legal adviser to the American Adoption Congress (AAC), the attorney in New York City has assisted with […]

A Stamp of Honor


It didn’t take long for the U.S. Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee to deliver Claude Pepper ’24 to the top of its list. His nearly 50 years of public service and many accomplishments inspired immediate support from the committee, which recommends stamp subjects to the postmaster general. On September 7, 2000, one day before the 100th […]

A Catalyst for Change


This summer a group of Baltimore inner-city residents got technical jobs at an Internet company, thanks to their own determination but also to an idea Michael Rosenbaum ’98 developed while a student at HLS. “I saw there were technology companies whose growth was being slowed by the fact that they couldn’t find good workers,” said […]

One-L of a Good Time

Although Vaughn Carney’s new novel is about Harvard Law School students, his characters are not chasing paper. That’s not, after all, what most people go to the Combat Zone to find. Scenes of debauchery in Boston’s Combat Zone–a thriving red-light district during the era Carney ’71 attended HLS–help differentiate Straw Man: A Profane Fable of […]

An Independent Woman


Jennifer Braceras ’94 doesn’t object to being called a feminist. Just don’t forget to call her a conservative also. “I think that any woman who has a career in this day and age would have to consider herself a feminist and certainly appreciate the contributions of the feminist movement of yesteryear,” said Braceras, an advisory […]

I’ve Got a Secret


What better person to consider George W. Bush’s drunk driving arrest than Jim Koch ’78, founder of and pitchman for Boston Beer Company, makers of Samuel Adams beer? That, at least, was the perspective of a Boston drive-time radio show, which invited Koch to be a guest soon after the revelation was aired at the […]

In Defense of Blondes

Can a Southern California sorority queen survive the rigors of Harvard Law School, overcome virulent anti-blondeism, triumph in class and in the courtroom, and get the cute, sensitive, brainy guy in the end? Like, duh! That’s how the question might be answered by Elle Woods, the central character of the movie Legally Blonde, a comedy […]

Alumni Bid for Congress

While Ralph Nader ’58 grabbed the spotlight in the presidential race, several other HLS alumni also sought elective office in the fall. Perhaps the most watched congressional race centered on a district near Los Angeles, where Democrat Adam Schiff ’85 defeated incumbent Republican James Rogan for a U.S. House seat. The combined campaigns spent an […]