I’ve Got a Secret


What better person to consider George W. Bush’s drunk driving arrest than Jim Koch ’78, founder of and pitchman for Boston Beer Company, makers of Samuel Adams beer? That, at least, was the perspective of a Boston drive-time radio show, which invited Koch to be a guest soon after the revelation was aired at the […]

In Defense of Blondes

Can a Southern California sorority queen survive the rigors of Harvard Law School, overcome virulent anti-blondeism, triumph in class and in the courtroom, and get the cute, sensitive, brainy guy in the end? Like, duh! That’s how the question might be answered by Elle Woods, the central character of the movie Legally Blonde, a comedy […]

Alumni Bid for Congress

While Ralph Nader ’58 grabbed the spotlight in the presidential race, several other HLS alumni also sought elective office in the fall. Perhaps the most watched congressional race centered on a district near Los Angeles, where Democrat Adam Schiff ’85 defeated incumbent Republican James Rogan for a U.S. House seat. The combined campaigns spent an […]

HLS Makes Its Mark on Presidential Contest

  In the dispute over the results of the 2000 presidential election, political affiliation could almost uniformly predict one’s position. While Laurence Tribe ’66, a constitutional law professor at HLS, backed Al Gore in the election, he said partisanship did not propel him in front of the Supreme Court to argue the vice president’s case. […]

89th Ames Challenges Nurses’ Constitutional Right to Protest Wages


“Thirsty men want beer, not explanations,” said U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter ’66, quoting Lord Macnaghten, after presiding over the 89th annual Ames Moot Court Competition. And “beer” is what the Ames competitors delivered. Souter, with Frank Easterbrook of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and Judith Rogers ’64 of the […]

CJI Hosts Two Conferences


Civil rights activists, law enforcement officials, and legal experts came together at HLS in December for “Race, Police, and the Community,” a three-day conference sponsored by the Criminal Justice Institute. Among the panelists were Professor Charles Ogletree Jr. ’78, director of CJI; Deborah Ramirez ’81, professor, Northeastern University School of Law; the Reverend Al Sharpton […]

Heyman Fellows Honored at Inaugural Dinner


The first group of 27 Heyman Fellows was recognized at an inaugural dinner of the Harvard Law School Program on Government Service held in Washington, D.C., in the fall. Established last fall with a $5 million gift from Samuel J. Heyman ’63, chairman and CEO of GAF Corporation, the program encourages HLS students to pursue […]

California Dreamin’


Students Go West for New Careers Sitting in the Charles Hotel’s lobby before yet another job interview, Norm Cappell ’02 imagines the dream job that may await him in San Francisco. “It’s an exciting place to be,” Cappell said. For HLS students looking for an entry into the new economy, Silicon Valley and San Francisco […]

Dalkon Shield Litigation Papers Donated to HLS

The Harvard Law School library recently acquired a voluminous collection of papers from the Dalkon Shield litigation, a tort case involving nearly 400,000 claims. The papers were donated last summer by the Ohio law firm Brown & Szaller, whose managing attorney, James Szaller, has been involved in the suit since 1975. The Dalkon Shield litigation […]