Alumni Create Immigration Clinic Fellowship

Erik Gerding ’98 knew that fundraising, even for a good cause, is never easy. But as it turns out, when the cause is the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic, it’s easier than might be expected. Gerding is one of a group of HLS alumni at Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton who felt their experience at […]

The Bill of Wrongs

Bain_Bryonn_Fall 2000

The word leaps off the page. It is unmistakable, unavoidable. Nigger. In Bryonn Bain’s view, the word still resonates in the heart and soul of the institutional powers in America. The word and all it conveys became manifest after he was arrested in his native New York City and held overnight for a crime he […]

At Loggerheads

loggerheads_religion_tree-Fall 2000

For Minneapolis-based lawyer Stephen Young ’74, a tree is just a tree. Yet for others, he contends, trees are sacred objects. Last October, Young brought a suit in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis, on behalf of Minnesota loggers, against two nonprofit environmental groups and the U.S. Forest Service. He contended that the environmentalists believed in […]

Intern Sent To Outskirts

Henry Stern ’57 said no to Monica Lewinsky. The New York City parks commissioner recently ruled that the infamous White House intern could not swing in Central Park. Stern was not making a political statement. He was merely protecting the park from any unhealthy drive that Lewinsky might have unleashed. Lewinsky, in New York City […]

Stooge Searching

Stooge-Fall 2000

In its storied history, Harvard Law School has produced presidents, senators, knights, CEOs, professors, attorneys general, and Supreme Court justices. But only now can the institution say that it has accomplished everything. It has produced the world’s foremost authority on the Three Stooges. Robert Kurson may not have made a mark on the world of […]

Soul Searching

Soul-Searching Fall 2000

Robert Kurson must have been lying. Surely, thought his prospective employer, no authentic graduate of Harvard Law School would want a menial, entry-level job. Robert Kurson set out to prove him wrong. Not only by confirming that he did indeed graduate from HLS. Not only by accepting the job, a data-entry position in the sports […]

2000-01 Wasserstein Fellows

Eight Visiting Wasserstein Fellows and one Fellow-in-Residence have been named at Harvard Law School. The program brings outstanding public interest attorneys from across the country to campus for one or two days each to counsel and advise law students about public service. Wasserstein Fellows are selected based on the breadth and diversity of their public interest experiences, their ability to advise students and the areas of expertise that interest current students.

U.S. and Japanese Financial Experts to Meet

United States Under Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner and Haruhiko Kuroda, Japanese Vice Minister of Finance for International Affairs, will be keynote speakers at the third annual Symposium on Building the Financial System of the 21st Century: An Agenda for Japan and the United States. The Symposium, to be held in Bretton Woods, NH on Sept. 15-17, 2000, will be attended by 80 senior government policy makers, academics, and bankers.

Celebration of Black Alumni

Harvard Law School will host on September 22-24 “A Celebration of Black Alumni” on the Law School’s campus. This inaugural event will celebrate the more than 1500 Black graduates of the Law School.