Zolt Named Director of ITP

Eric Zolt has been appointed Director of the International Tax Program at Harvard Law School, Visiting Professor of Law, and John Harvey Gregory Lecturer on World Organizations effective July 1, 2000.

Abram Chayes, 77

International Law Professor Abram Chayes, 77, who served as the Kennedy Administration’s chief international lawyer at the height of the Cold War and who taught at Harvard Law School for over four decades, died on Sunday, April 16 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston of complications from pancreatic cancer. He was a resident of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Professor Gary Bellow, 64

Pioneering public interest Harvard Law School Professor Gary Bellow, founder and former faculty director of Harvard Law School¹s Clinical Programs, died on April 13, 2000, of cardiac arrest at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge. He was a resident of Boston.

Zittrain Testimony on Internet Taxation

My name is Jonathan Zittrain, and I am the executive director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, where I also teach on Internet-related subjects as a lecturer on law. Among my research interests is the taxation of Internet commerce, and last year I wrote an article (attached) for the National Tax Journal on the subject with Prof. Austan Goolsbee of the University of Chicago.

Professor James Vorenberg, Ninth Dean of HLS

Roscoe Pound Professor of Law James Vorenberg, the ninth Dean of Harvard Law School, former Watergate Associate Special Prosecutor, and first chair of the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission, died on April 12, 2000, of cardiac arrest.