Hearsay: Short takes from faculty articles and op-eds – Summer 2009

Internet Arms Race Illustrations by Gracia Lam Professor John Palfrey ’01 MIT Technology Review May/June 2009 “In less democratic societies, sophisticated use of the Internet is limited to the few and the elite. Too often, using these tools puts activists at risk of greater control by the state, through surveillance, censorship, and imprisonment. Political leaders […]

Making the case for Elena Kagan

In the following op-eds, HLS professors Charles Fried, Randall L. Kennedy, Lawrence Lessig, Charles Ogletree, Ronald S. Sullivan, Visiting Lecturer Tom Goldstein, and former HLS Dean Robert C. Clark write in support of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, former HLS Dean and current Solicitor General.

Fried in New Republic: Everyone’s dean

In The New Republic,  HLS Professor Charles Fried wrote “Everyone’s Dean: Why Elena Kagan has earned the respect of conservatives, like me,” an article which appeared in the April 19 edition of the magazine.  Fried teaches constitutional law and contracts at HLS, and he was solicitor general of the United States during the second Reagan administration.

Fried op-ed: What Liz Cheney doesn’t get about lawyers

HLS Professor and former Solicitor General (’85-’89) Charles Fried co-wrote an op-ed “What Liz doesn’t get about lawyers,” with Gregory Fried, chairman of the philosophy department at Suffolk University. Their op-ed, which appeared March 15, 2010, on The Daily Beast, criticizes Liz Cheney’s group, Keep America Safe, for unfairly attacking the lawyers who have defended terrorists. 

Fried co-chairs ABA task force on lobbying regulations

Harvard Law School Professor Charles Fried will serve as one of two Republican co-chairs of a new bi-partisan ABA Administrative Law Section task force examining possible improvements to lobbying regulation. The task force will look at deficiencies in current rules governing lobbying and suggest ways to strengthen the rules.

Avoiding a Future Meltdown

As the global economy continues to reel, the key question is how to prevent a crash from happening again. Accountability is key, experts agree, and HLS faculty have been quoted daily in newspapers and online over the past few months on how to keep the economy out of trouble in the future.