American Constitution Society hosts “The Constitution in 2020”

The American Constitution Society of HLS sponsored “The Constitution in 2020,” a panel discussion in November featuring Harvard Law School Professors Yochai Benkler ’94, Frank Michelman ’60, Mark Tushnet, and Noah Feldman, all contributors to a recently published book of the same title. The book’s goal is to contest the conservative idea that constitutional law should not be influenced by contemporary understandings of law and the political landscape.

Frank Michelman and Richard Goldstone: A brief Q&A

South Africa’s constitution and Bill of Rights are relatively new, but there is already a growing body of decisions interpreting or wrestling with what they mean in specific cases or controversies. So far, what’s your assessment of how South Africa’s constitutional evolution is going? MICHELMAN: Those engaged in comparable work elsewhere evidently think it is […]

At Home Abroad

HLS faculty and students look to other countries to better people’s lives and increase their own understanding of the world of law.

The New 1L

For the first time in decades, HLS has changed the basic structure of its first-year experience, and students and faculty are singing the praises of The New 1L.