Goldsmith in Washington Post: A way past the terrorist detention gridlock

Nine years after Sept. 11 and 20 months into the Obama presidency, our nation is still flummoxed about what to do with captured terrorists, writes HLS Professor Jack Goldsmith in an op-ed in today’s Washington Post. In his op-ed, “A way past the terrorist detention gridlock,” Goldsmith says that while there is no “silver bullet” for this problem, there are several steps the administration could take toward resolution. 

Hearsay: Short takes from faculty articles and op-eds – Summer 2009

Internet Arms Race Illustrations by Gracia Lam Professor John Palfrey ’01 MIT Technology Review May/June 2009 “In less democratic societies, sophisticated use of the Internet is limited to the few and the elite. Too often, using these tools puts activists at risk of greater control by the state, through surveillance, censorship, and imprisonment. Political leaders […]

Hearsay: Short takes from faculty op-eds Summer 2010

A Measure of History Professor Kenneth W. Mack ’91 The Boston Globe March 25, 2010 “In recent weeks, the Obama administration … sought to mobilize supporters around the country, after months in which that kind of improvisational, decentralized energy seemed more in possession of the opponents of social reform legislation than of its supporters. “To […]

Goldsmith and Lessig in Post: Anti-counterfeiting agreement raises constitutional concerns

HLS Professors Jack Goldsmith and Lawrence Lessig  co-wrote “Anti-counterfeiting agreement raises constitutional concerns,” an op-ed that appeared in the March 26 edition of the Washington Post. Goldsmith is co-author of “Who Controls the Internet?” Lessig is the author of “Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy.”