Suk in Slate on copyright law in fashion industry

HLS Assistant Professor of Law Jeannie Suk ’02 co-wrote an op-ed “The Squint Test: How to Protect fashion designers like Jason Wu from Forever 21 knockoffs” with C. Scott Hemphill, an associate professor of law at Columbia. Their article appeared May 13 in Slate Magazine and on ABC News. Suk and Hemphill are coauthors of the article “The Law, Culture, and Economics of Fashion” which appeared in the Stanford Law Review, vol. 61, issue 5, March 2009.

Suk named a 2009 Guggenheim Fellow

 Jeannie Suk ’02, an assistant professor of law at HLS, was awarded a 2009 Guggenheim Fellowship in support of her research on the legal construction of trauma. Fellows are appointed on the basis of “stellar achievement and exceptional promise for continued accomplishment.”

Hearsay: Faculty Short Takes Winter 2008

Coming of Age with Clarence Assistant Professor Jeannie Suk ’02 The Wall Street Journal, Oct. 12 “If the metric we are using is the abuse of power by male bosses against female employees, how is it that Justice Thomas has fared so badly while Mr. Clinton seems to have fared relatively well since he left […]

Hearsay: Short takes from faculty op-eds Summer 2007

Supreme Confusion Professor Charles Fried The New York Times, April 26 “[The Supreme Court’s decision in the partial-birth abortion case is] disturbing because Justice Kennedy fails to come to grips with his own jurisprudence, going so far as to say that because Congress was acting under its power to regulate interstate commerce, it needed only […]