Elected vs. Appointed?

Today, about 90 percent of state judges must run for office, and the elections have become increasingly expensive and nasty. Assistant Professor Jed Handelsman Shugerman provides historical perspective on judicial elections and other methods of judicial selection in his new book, “The People’s Courts: Pursuing Judicial Independence in America” (Harvard, 2012).

Assistant Professor Jed Shugerman: Revisiting the Senate’s ‘nuclear’ option

The following op-ed by Assistant Professor Jed Shugerman, Revisiting the Senate’s ‘nuclear’ option, originally appeared in The Boston Globe on September 12, 2005: A second opening on the Supreme Court raises the stakes for the Senate hearings and doubles the chances of the Senate going “nuclear”: The Senate Democrats filibuster, the Republicans vote to change the rules for closing debate, and the Democrats grind the Senate to a halt.

Five new professors join HLS faculty

The ranks of the Harvard Law School faculty expanded over the summer with the arrival of three new assistant professors and two new tenured professors of law. The hires are part of an effort to bring about a net increase of 15 faculty members over the next decade.