Hearsay: Short takes from faculty op-eds Summer 2007

Supreme Confusion Professor Charles Fried The New York Times, April 26 “[The Supreme Court’s decision in the partial-birth abortion case is] disturbing because Justice Kennedy fails to come to grips with his own jurisprudence, going so far as to say that because Congress was acting under its power to regulate interstate commerce, it needed only […]

Professor Lucian Bebchuk on Apple Computer and corporate governance

The following op-ed was published in The Wall Street Journal on January 6, 2007: Apple Computer announced a week ago the conclusions of a special board committee that examined the “improper dating” of over 6,000 option grants during 1997-2002. The committee found no basis for having less than “complete confidence in CEO Steve Jobs and the senior management team,” placing full responsibility for past problems on the company’s former CFO and general counsel.

Research finds directors’ options were favorably timed

The HLS Program on Corporate Governance released a new study today called Lucky Directors, by Professor Lucian Bebchuk and co-authors Yaniv Grinsten and Urs Peyer suggesting that outside directors’ options, and not only executives’ options, have been favorably timed to an extent that cannot be explained by mere luck.