Hearsay: Excerpts from faculty op-eds Spring 2005

“Talking to terrorists is different from giving in to them. Sometimes it may be good practice to know what they are thinking, or, as a line in ‘The Godfather’ goes, it is important to ‘keep your friends close but your enemies closer.’ FBI and police hostage negotiators nearly always negotiate with hostage-takers–to gather information, to […]

Bebchuk tells CEOs: ‘If it wasn’t earned, it must be returned’

Professor Lucian Bebchuk, an expert on corporate governance and co-author of “Pay Without Performance: The Unfulfilled Promise of Executive Compensation,” was interviewed recently on CNBC’s popular business program, Kudlow and Cramer. After companies like Fannie Mae have restated earnings figures, Bebchuk argued that executives’ contracts should include “give-back provisions that require the paying back of money that was raised on figures that had to be restated.”

Bebchuk on Making Directors Accountable

After a decade of soaring to unprecedented levels, executive compensation is the subject of an intense debate. In their just published “Pay without Performance: The Unfulfilled Promise of Executive Compensation,” HLS Professor Lucian Bebchuk LL.M. ’80 S.J.D. ’84 and UC Berkeley School of Law Professor Jesse Fried ’92 explore the causes and consequences of flawed compensation arrangements.

Recent Faculty Books – Fall 2004

“Raising the Bar: The Emerging Legal Profession in East Asia” (Harvard University Press, 2004), edited by Professor William P. Alford ’77, looks at efforts to recast and expand the legal profession in East Asia over the past two decades. * * * In “Pay Without Performance: The Unfulfilled Promise of Executive Compensation” (Harvard University Press, 2004), Professor […]

Faculty News Spring 2004

Glendon Wins Inaugural Bradley Prize In October, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation awarded Professor Mary Ann Glendon the inaugural Bradley Prize. The $250,000 prize is given to individuals who support “the promotion of liberal democracy, democratic capitalism and a vigorous defense of American institutions,” according to Michael W. Grebe, president and CEO of the […]

Bebchuk Named Guggenheim Fellow

Harvard Law School Professor Lucian Bebchuk has been named a 2004 Guggenheim fellow. The award, which honors “exceptionally impressive achievement in the past and exceptional promise for future accomplishment,” will help Bebchuk write a book on the need to empower corporate shareholders.

Prof. Bebchuk on Shareholders’ Power

In the Financial Times, Professor Lucian Bebchuk writes: The Securities and Exchange Commission formally proposed a rule this month that would provide shareholders with some access to the corporate ballot – the proxy card distributed to all voting shareholders. The rule would require some companies in certain circumstances to include the names of candidates nominated by shareholders who satisfy some minimum ownership requirements on the corporate ballot.

Recent Faculty Honors

  Professor William Alford ’77 has been named an honorary fellow of the Institute of Law of the Chinese Academy of Social Science, honorary professor of Zhejiang University, and an honorary professor of the People’s University of China. Professor Lucian Bebchuk LL.M. ’80 S.J.D. ’84 was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. […]