Reading the law

Harvard Law School’s upper-level reading groups give students the opportunity to dig into unique subjects connected directly — or not — to the law.

Tribe offers predictions on gay marriage rulings

Two cases regarding gay marriage, Hollingsworth v. Perry (challenging California’s Proposition 8) and United States v. Windsor (challenging the Defense of Marriage Act), were argued this term in front of the Supreme Court. The Justices are expected to reach a ruling by July 2013. In light of these arguments, The Harvard Law Bulletin asked Harvard Law School Professor Laurence Tribe ’66 to offer some predictions for how the two cases might be decided.

Parker on protecting the flag: “I hope it will be much easier to amend the constitution”

In the following interview in the June issue of The American Legion Magazine, HLS Professor Richard Parker ’70, a Constitutional law scholar, discusses his views on the Constitution and his support for a constitutional amendment that would return the right to protect the U.S. flag from physical desecration. Parker is chairman of the board of directors for the Citizens Flag Alliance and the author of “Here, the People Rule: A Constitutional Populist Manifesto.” The title of the American Legion interview is “The Power to Protect.”

Armed with the Truth

At the top of his game, Melvin Kraft ’53 switched to a new one A  few years ago, HLS Professor Richard D. Parker ’70 sat down to read a draft of a novel-in-progress by a retired commercial litigator, Melvin D. Kraft ’53. Parker was immediately captivated. “Most modern fiction is about love, usually the failure […]