On the web, privacy in peril

Vivek Krishnamurthy studies international issues in internet governance as a clinical instructor at Harvard Law School’s Cyber Law Clinic. He spoke with the Gazette about the legal implications of the breach for Facebook, the laxity in U.S. privacy protections, and how Facebook’s difficulties may mark the end of the tech industry’s long deregulation honeymoon in this country.

Cybersecurity post-9/11

By Vivek Krishnamurthy

Cybersecurity is ultimately more like public health than traditional security in that our defenses as a society depend on the immunity of every networked device to an attack. There is no good way to raise the overall level of our cybersecurity without incidentally protecting those actors in our midst with malevolent aims. Continue Reading »

Human Rights and Encryption

Last fall, the Cyberlaw Clinic at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, produced a report for Amnesty International on the legal issues surrounding encryption. While the encryption debate is most often painted as a two-sided battle between law enforcement and technology companies, there are many other stakeholders around the world that are deeply concerned about the widespread implications of regulating encryption in iPhones and other telecommunications devices.