Andrew Manuel Crespo: Practice Meets Theory

As staff attorney with the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia for more than three years, Assistant Professor Andrew Manuel Crespo ’08 represented adults and juveniles charged with felonies ranging from armed robberies to homicides. Passionate about the work, he had no plans to become an academic. But early in his career, then-Dean Martha Minow engaged him in a life-changing conversation.

William Stuntz: 1958-2011

Since William Stuntz’s death on March 15 at age 52, the renowned scholar of criminal justice at Harvard Law School and evangelical Christian has been eulogized in many ways, from the service at Park Street Church, to quotations in numerous obituaries, to the postings from his former students on an HLS journal site, to the appreciation on the New York Times editorial page. Below are excerpts from some of those remembrances.

Offering a window on a world many never see

William Stuntz, the Henry J. Friendly Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, is an expert on criminal law and procedure and crime policy. He has co-written a casebook on criminal procedure and published numerous articles on all aspects of the criminal justice system, in law reviews, journals, and periodicals.

Hearsay: Faculty Short Takes Summer 2008

The Laws in Wartime Professor Jack Goldsmith Slate Magazine, April 2 “We are surprisingly close to putting policy issues in the war on terrorism on a sound legal footing appropriate for the long term. The most important issue for the next administration to resolve is the system for incapacitating terrorists. Beyond that, what the next […]

Stuntz and Warren elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Harvard Law School Professors William J. Stuntz and Elizabeth Warren are amongst the new class of members elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious scholarly societies. Members are chosen on the basis of “preeminent contributions to their disciplines and to society at large.”